An Emirati Designer Reinvents An Icon Of Islamic Art

Aljoud Lootah shines a spotlight on an often overlooked component of Islamic art and architecture.

The eight-pointed star is a common motif in Islamic art, and can often be spotted in the intricate geometric patterns of historic mosques and tile floors. Now, the icon gets the 3-D treatment in Emirati designer Aljoud Lootah’s latest furniture collection, Double Square.

Made from Carrara marble, the collection includes a decorative stool, a large, sculptural floor lamp, and a glass-topped coffee table. The name alludes to the make-up of the Arabesque star, which is traditionally comprised of two squares and a circle. The shape can be seen most clearly in the top of the stool (whose sharp angles and slightly concave top implies it’s more for looking at than actually sitting on), with the other two pieces flaunting a more abstracted interpretation of the form. “[The star] is the starting point of a variety of Arabesque patterns, and through it, different combinations can be generated,” Lootah writes in the product description.

Lootah, who owns her own studio in Abu Dhabi, is the designer behind the gorgeous, origami-inspired Oru collection and a line of AlSadu rugs that Co.Design has covered in the past. Like her previous designs, Double Square takes its inspiration from a traditional concept and turns it into something contemporary. In this case, she’s shining a spotlight on a familiar form—but one that’s typically hidden in plain sight within the intricacies of Islamic design.

The Double Square stool, table, and lamp are available on Aljoud Lootah’s site, with price available upon request.

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