An Architecturally Fashionable Clutch

By Hana Bushnaq

A paradox of materials is how it seems. Satin, wood, velvet, metal and eco leather combine to give these clutches a true, unprecedented character. The mix merges poor and precious materials through proficient craftsmanship that rightfully earns its ‘Made in Italy’ stamp. The balance between form and function is evident, as is the designer’s passion for both interior design and fashion. This mixing of the two is probably what results in this seemingly conflicting use of materials, but it is done in such beautiful eclecticism that the results are so naturally harmonious. The raw elements introduced by the use of wood or metal only intensifies the beauty and finesse of the silks and satins.

Laura Federici and Luca Sciamanna are the two cofounders behind this lifestyle brand. Their ambitious project uses natural, sustainable materials; sometimes in their original form and other times crafted through natural processes with unrestrained creativity. The idea might have been wild and far-fetched, but the implementation made sure that the crudeness didn’t compromise the glamor. Laura spent years studying architecture, during which she attended a 3-year course in fashion at the IED in Rome. She states that she is always the first to wear her creations, so she believes that any woman like herself -practical, functional, a traveler and a lover of beautiful things- would appreciate the clutches.

Speaking of travel, two of her collections consisted of bags that were named after airports around the world. She believes a person is never the same after a trip; that a trip leaves you changed in many ways. She feels that her travels have inspired her in ways that she likes to celebrate in her bags. Ultimately, Laura believes in a brand that sits at the cross roads between fashion and design, telling the story of both using the same language. It only makes sense then for these bags to be named as such, since they speak such a transverse tongue.

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