Al Nisa – All Things Female

By Hana Bushnaq

The Al Nisa brand is an expression of true femininity. In fact, the name in Arabic means “Women”. It is as if to say that the brand represents everything that a woman is, only it caters specifically to the modest woman. Make no mistake however, this brand takes modesty to new heights with its bold designs and colors. With monotone millennial pink pantsuits made of knee length collared tunics and flared pants, the ladies of Al-Nisa stole the show at the brand debut in the Torino Fashion Week in July 2017. They looked very sharply corporate, with no nonsense head-to-toe pink, turquoise, black, red and more. They even completed the look with matching colored headscarves.

L.A. based Carmen Muhammad started the roots of the Al Nisa brand in the mid-nineties. This was to fulfil the desire felt by many to be stylishly dressed modest young women. She then continued to provide custom tailored clothing to women around the country for the next two decades. With Al Nisa, Muhammad aims at creating an emotional connection to a segment of modest buyers. The collections include tailored suiting, denim, sportswear, special occasion dresses and a line dedicated for couture.

Al Nisa will be participating in IFDC’s Pret-a-Cover™ Buyer’s Lane in City Walk, Dubai and we can’t wait to see what it will be coming up with this time. In an era where we are defining beauty in terms of cultural expression, a plethora of choices emerges to satisfy the modest consumer. Choices offered by brands like Al Nisa are unapologetic, distinctively modest, yet very boldly modern. This makes these designs very appealing to a large segment of modest buyers who won’t compromise their modesty, yet deserve their fair share of modern stylistic choices.

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