Aab In Collaboration With Debenhams to Scout IFDC’s Modest Fashion Designers at TFW

Earlier this year, multinational department store Debenhams had announced their deal with London based modest fashion house, Aab to bring a dedicated modest fashion category to their stores. The collaboration is exciting for modest fashion consumers whose demand for stylish modest wear continues to increase on a global scale.

As a category leader in meeting modest fashion consumer demands globally, Aab, the modest fashion brand that is stocked in Debenhams, will be attending the IFDC modest fashion shows at Torino Fashion Week (TFW) from June 29 to July 3 in Torino, Italy. They will review each modest fashion designer’s runway collection in order to assess potential collaborations for upcoming Aab lines. At the TFW closing show on July 3rd, the winning 4 to 6 designers with whom they would like to pursue a development deal will be announced. The winning designers will have impressed upon the review committee a sense of elegance and style that resonates with the brand.

Aab has built a strong presence by creating original design pieces using its own in-house designers taking inspiration from the global fashion sense appreciated in many markets. Aab will also be participating in the closing IFDC runway show at TFW where they will showcase their latest collection. Aab’s co-founder and creative director, Nazmin Alim said, “TFW and IFDC have created a historical moment for modest fashion, where for the first time a mainstream fashion week is officially recognizing a modest fashion category within their fashion week. We are excited to support and be a part of this innovative initiative”.

The final selected designers will also feature in a joint media campaign following Torino Fashion Week, in an illustrious chance to gain positioning and exposure on a global scale as they move further up in the modest fashion space. IFDC Chairwoman states, “it’s forward thinking of the TFW organizers in requesting IFDC to produce and curate this modest fashion category for them. It proves that this type of out-of-the-box thinking is a necessary element in order for mainstream fashion to discover new opportunities.”.

“With our approach to producing Torino Fashion Week, we hope to show a very unique outlook to the way fashion weeks can be done through our collaboration with IFDC. It allows modest fashion leaders like Aab and their retail collaborators such as Debenhams to demonstrate the united approach it takes to build beneficial opportunities for all stakeholders whilst meeting the demands of the valuable consumer”, said Claudio Azzolini, founder of TFW and President Association TMODA.


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