A Grooming Checklist

By: Madhiha Taseen

A grooming checklist for every modest man:

  1. Breath and body odour are fresh, clean, and pleasant. If fragrance is worn, it should not be overpowering.
  2. Practice good oral hygiene. Teeth should be clean, white, and even.
  3. Skin is clear and in good condition.
  4. Hair is clean, current, and flattering.
  5. Nails are clean, trimmed, and in good conditioned.
  6. The back of the neck is neat, without tufts of hair coming out of the neck of the shirt.
  7. Facial hair is clean and neat.
  8. Eyebrows are groomed, nose hairs are not apparent, ears are clean.
  9. Shoes are clean and polished, and along with the belt, are in good condition.
  10. Eyewear is clean and in good condition.
  11. Clothing is clean and in good condition; buttons are sewn on tightly, hems are even and not sagging, and fabric is not pilling.
  12. Clothing fits properly; there are no drag lines from being too tight, or bagging from being too big.
  13. Underwear nor undershirt are visible.

The outfit is worn neatly without bunching (socks falling down, pant legs bunching over boots, etc.)

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