A Combo of Chic and Comfort: Culottes

By: Ishita Mishra

Our closets may be stuffed to the nose, yet we tend to lean towards the same select pieces from it. My current fashion fixation is culottes; the wide leg, fluid pants. This season you can wear them everywhere but to bed, although they would be perfectly comfortable there too. Culottes are fashionable in a big way for the first time since 1980’s. There is something chic about the shape as well as providing great comfort.

The style typically features voluminous legs that billows out from a cinched waist and ends anywhere from an inch below the knee to 1 inch above the ankle. It can be intimidating for women accustomed to the slenderer trouser.

Tops that accentuate the waist and slims the torso will work nicely; from a tucked in, silk button-down to a cropped cashmere crew neck sweater, or a strapless bustier top paired with a tailor jacket or a cardigan. When in doubt, match. It not only makes the outfit look complete, but also makes you look taller and slimmer.

They can be paired with loafers, a white shell, or tuxedo jacket. At a casual weekend party, they are more elegant than a summer dress, worn with a simple linen T-shirt and flat sandals.

Culottes have advantages, not the least of which is their barbecue-to-black-tie versatility. They are transitional, the perfect piece to wear from summer to spring to fall. The reality is, they can be more favoring than the popular midi-skirt and more streamlined and sophisticated than a summer dress. The slim over-the-hip till the bottom kicks out your outfit. It works well for women with larger thighs. At the moment, culottes lovers are young, fashion-forward and experimental.

Furthermore, these wide-leg cropped pants are hijab-friendly and can be easily styled in a modest way. If you wear hijab and you have yet to try culottes, you’re missing out, as they are currently a top fashion trend!

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