9 Ways to Upcycle Leftover Baby Items

Most moms are painfully aware of all the STUFF you’re required to buy on baby’s behalf… and that it quickly outwears its usefulness. But aside from giving away mountains of clothes or tossing old cribs, what do you do? Just watch your money go down the drain? Hold up. There is another option: upcycle those baby items instead! How to upcycle used baby products Here are some ingenious ways to give old baby clothes, baby food jars, playpens, and more a second life in your home. Not only are they great ways to save money, but you get to hold onto a few more sentimental items for the long haul! Who knew baby food pouches could be revamped in such a cool way? 

Turn Baby Clothes Into a Toy Pillow

Sad to toss some adorable outfit your baby has outgrown? You can easily turn those baby clothes into a toy pillow that your little one can treasure for years. This cute little guy was made out of tights and a singlet top, and it requires minimal sewing. LiL Spaces has all the details on how to make your own upcycled cuddlebug.

Turn Baby Clothes Into a Toy Pillow

Turn a Food Pouch Into a Coin Purse

Does your baby love squeezing his applesauce or pureed carrots out of those baby food pouches? Even these items can be recycled in cool ways — take this tutorial on turning a baby food pouch into a coin purse. It’s surprisingly durable, and the only extra item you need is a velcro fastener. Turn a Food Pouch Into a Coin Purse

Crib Into Magazine Rack

Instead of hauling that old baby crib to your local Goodwill, get some extra storage options out of it. Eve of Reduction has the details on this crib turned magazine rack! All it took was pulling the various pieces apart and putting them back together with a fresh coat of paint. Crib Into Magazine Rack

Baby Food Jars Into Spice Containers

Think about it: you’ve probably got a zillion baby food jars, and your spice rack is a chaotic mess. Why not turn solve two problems at once by turning those baby food jars into spice containers? Paint the tops with chalkboard paint, and you can change the labels as needed. Baby Food Jars Into Spice Containers

Stained Onesie Into Cute ‘New’ Clothes

Hate when some cute new onsie gets a stain you can’t scrub out? Rather than tossing it, give that onesie a cute new patch out of fabric scraps. You can sew or even iron them on in mere minutes for a whole new look — and less waste. If you have a mega drooler, you can try sewing a plastic backing behind the patch — so you don’t have to keep changing their top to protect them from the wet spot. Stained Onesie Into Cute 'New' Clothes

Playpen Into Laundry Sorter

Kids may quickly outgrow a wooden playpen, but they will also produce oodles of laundry! Which is why we love how mom blogger Cristin Frank at Eve of Reduction turned her playpen into a laundry sorter. She even recycled a fitted sheet for the bags! Playpen Into Laundry Sorter

Baby Wipes Box Into Jewelry or Crayon Container

Rip off the label, add a few decorations and boom, you’ve turned a baby wipes box into a crayon or jewelry container. Not to mention saved some plastic from ending up in a landfill. Baby Wipes Box Into Jewelry or Crayon Container

Baby Clothes Into Memory Quilt

It’s hard to part with baby clothes, since they evoke so many memories … so why not savor them all by using scraps of baby clothes to create a memory quilt? Video tutorials by places like Fifth Avenue and Flea Markets proves it’s not as hard as you might think.

Baby Clothes Into Memory Quilt

Toy Box Into Storage Bench

If your kids have outgrown the need for a toy box, turn it into a storage bench for your bathroom or near the front door for your shoes instead. All it takes is a few minor modifications and a fresh coat of paint. Toy Box Into Storage Bench Source of article: thestir.cafemom.com

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