7 Creative Tips to Save Money on Shopping

By Meghan Blalock Shopping is awesome—but it can be a demon in disguise, as we’re sure you already know. With the prominence of online shopping, you can literally buy things without even pulling out a credit card—and before you know it, you’re staring at your statement with googly eyes and that awful feeling in the pit of your stomach. The words float through your consciousness: I shouldn’t have bought that. Well, luckily, there are some go-to tips you can employ to help you not spend so much money when you’re shopping. We did the dirty work for you and researched some tactics that really work to help you save your pennies when you feel like going on a spree. Keep scrolling for seven creative tips to save money on shopping!ifdc   This is probably the easiest trap to fall into when you’re shopping these days—because there are so many good fast-fashion stores out there. You think that if something is affordable, that just means you can buy more of it! Tsk, tsk. Even cheap things can add up to a lot of cash, so you’ll benefit from trying to limit the quantity of fast-fashion goodies you purchase. ifdc   This is a really great tip, because if you’re at all like us, then you tend to gravitate toward the same kinds of items over and over again (after all, having a uniform is a good thing!). If you have some kind of obsession with ankle boots, for example, chances are you’ll want to keep buying more of them—but after a while, these purchases start to become redundant. So next time you’re shopping, before you buy something, ask yourself if you already own it. If the answer is yes, put down the boots (or whatever your poison) and back away. ifdc

This one is a toughie because big events like weddings and birthdays tend to sneak up on you. Suddenly it’s the Wednesday before a big Saturday night soirée, and you need a new dress—the one you want is available, but the shipping costs almost as much as the garment itself! Don’t fall into this trap. Try to peek at your calendar on a regular basis and plan out your new clothing purchases well in advance. ifdc   Here’s a novel idea! It’s totally fine if you go on a shopping excursion just for fun—without actually making a purchase. Sometimes, just browsing what’s currently on the market is the fun part—actually owning it is secondary. ifdc   Ah, the hardest of all the ways to save money: buying from necessity, not from desire. Do you really need that gorgeous faux-fur coat or those pointy-toed leather beauties to go with it? Probably not. Of course, consuming fashion is supposed to be about fun, not necessity—so it’s okay to break this rule from time to time, but try to keep a close eye on it and be cautious. ifdc   This one is crucial—you don’t go grocery shopping without first checking to see what you already have in the refrigerator, right?! Treat your closet the same way. Take stock of what you have and what you need—if you have a dearth of quality white T-shirts, maybe focus your next shopping trip on that piece ifdc   Sometimes, it’s time to face reality: If you’re not on a Net-a-Porter budget, then why are you signed up for notifications when it stocks new items?! Take an honest look at your finances and unsubscribe from any sites that are well beyond your means—but feel free to sign up for some new ones that make sense for your budget. Source: whowhatwear.com

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