The “Gotta be an easier way” for Fashionistas

Are you one of those people who lazily crumple-up on your sofa when it’s too tough to get things done? Or are you able to wisely find a shortcut and take one innovative step that does the entire job? Bill Gates once said, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard-job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it”. And this may be why this woman who regards herself as an impatient person, chose to...

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IFDC Highlights

Today’s Ramadan Reflection

Pret A Cover

Torino Fashion Week’s Historic Modest Fashion Category

Pret A Cover
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The Sunshine of Jerusalem

The Dome of the Rock combines incomparable beauty with supreme spiritual significance. It is a must to study its history in order to understand why it holds such a high rank among other Islamic landmarks. -Why It’s Historically Stirring It is enough to say that this shrine houses the rock on which our Prophet Muhammad PBUH ascended to Heaven on the night of Israa and Mi’raj. Images shows the location of the Rock in the past -Who are the masterminds...

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Subhi Taha on Modesty

Subhi Taha, blogger and designer, is a twenty-five-year-old Palestinian-Pilipino-Muslim-American, with a distinct personal style that has made him a generational Muslim icon. Associated with his Internet presence, marked by his rambunctious YouTube videos and aesthetically pleasing minimalist Instagram feed, Taha is known by his audience and consumers as an inspiration for creative entrepreneurship. Taha has constructed a brand that encompasses the Islamic concepts of modesty and minimalism, with a traditional but timeless touch that makes his pieces classically modern. IFDC...

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