6 tricks for modest fashion from stylista Ayesha Kamalie

By akliviti

Modest dressing appears to be moving into the mainstream.




Stylish men and women make the conscious decision to dress modestly for a variety of reasons, including religious beliefs, personal preference, comfort, work environment, age or body shape, explains style correspondent Bianca Resnekov.

Modesty is not only for those who are religiously-inclined.

Ayesha Kamalie, Cape Town designer

Last week, Cape Town designer and fashion fundi Ayesha Kamalie launched her own concept store, titled AKLIVITI, in Wynberg

Ayesha Kamalie



Her studio and boutique shows her range of art, decor and fashion items.

Kamalie describes her style of dress as an effortless elegance, with a touch of boho chic.

She explains that individuals should subscribe to their own standards of modesty, but offered general tips and advice for young women interested in the trend:

  • layer form-fitting items with looser pieces such as kimonos.
  • play around with headgear and customise the coverage that works best for you.
  • base your outfits with polo necks and tops that reach the mid-thigh.
  • have a good foundation of nude-coloured undergarments.
  • add lighter fabrics in warmers seasons.
  • incorporate vintage pieces into outfits.

Source: capetalk.co.za


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