5 Summer 2016 Trends You Didn’t Really Expect

Now that summer has arrived, many are curious to know what the newest trends are. Some we expected – such as the flow-y floral prints and lighter fabrics – while others may take us a while to get used to. Here are five trends we think will carry you outside the box, and take your wardrobe to a new dimension this summer! DENIM LAYERING I’m sure we all remember the unfortunate head to toe red carpet appearance made by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake back in 2001. Thankfully, we’re not suggesting you should recreate such a look. That being said, denim layering is making a comeback in subtler tones and admittedly better taste. Many celebrities and fashion icons are pairing jean bottoms with oversized denim vests and an interesting layer underneath to break up the denim. As long as you carefully put together the denim wash and cuts, you can create an outfit with the coolest summer vibes. BOMBER JACKET For the cooler days or the summer nights spent out walking around the city, the bomber jacket is a 2016 go to trend. They can be found in varying styles and lengths, adding a certain attitude to your outfit. Additionally, they can be pulled off by virtually anyone. Whether you’re more on the feminine or tomboy style, a bomber jacket can give you a touch of edge you are sure to appreciate. bomber jacket STRAIGHT LEG JEANS It seems only yesterday that we couldn’t imagine wearing jeans that weren’t skinny cut. But all of that is rapidly changing. From the ‘mom-jeans’ and the looser high waist style, summer 2016 is re-creating the jean trend. The straight leg jean is on of the front runners, giving a lot of breathing room for interesting layering and pairings. Many are opting for a boyfriend fit, and a striking eye catching heel. Jeans   THE SNEAKER Speaking of footwear, sneakers are making a significant mark in the footwear market. Whereas a few years ago it was mostly about ballerina flats and wedge heels, this year we are noticing many are leaning toward a sneaker. A crowd favorite is the Stan Smith Adidas Original and Vans are also becoming more popular. What is great is that no matter what your style is, you can pull off a sneaker. Not only are they inarguably comfortable, they add a certain stylish aloofness to your look. The sneaker will make you seem effortlessly cool in the summer heat! Sneakers GRAPHIC T’S With all the layering we’re talking about, its important to have a few go to shirts that will create a cool dimension to your look. The graphic T as featured in many shops such as Zara, Topshop or H&M allows you to express your individuality through your unique selection. And what’s more, it seems they never truly go out of style, giving you another staple item in your closet that you can pair with virtually anything. Sometimes we tend to stick to what we know instead of trying the newest fashion trends of the season. However, with all these simply amazing summer trends – including the tons we haven’t mentioned here – you’ll be glad you stepped out of your comfort zone and into the summer sun! graphic tshirt

Article written exclusively for IFDC by Hanna Sow.

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