5 DIY’s to spice up those old denim jeans

By: Avenika Mohan

Jeans play a very important part in a modern modest wardrobe and with denim trends changing at a rapid pace it is not economically feasible to invest in new jeans every few weeks.

Here are some budget friendly ways to spice up those old denims if you’re bored of wearing the same old blue or black jeans everyday.

  1. The Uneven Hem

This is great if you have jeans that are way too long for you or ones that would still cover your ankles even if you cut 1-2 inches off.

All you have to do is take this pair of jeans and rip the side seams up to whatever length you are comfortable using a pair of scissors or a seam ripper.

Then, cut this ripped panel from the front and voila you have your very own pair of uneven hem jeans. Let the ends fray for an effortless look.

  1. Patchwork Jeans

Go ahead and explore your local trims and fabric stores for funky lace or pom- pom trims and even patches.

All you have to do is hand sew or hot glue the patches or trims to your jeans in any manner desirable for the perfect street chic look.

  1. Embroidered/ Hand painted jeans

You can embroider any pattern onto your jeans if you like embroidery. If not, you can hand paint any pattern to give the embroidered look. You can even splatter on some fabric paint on your jeans to refresh them.

Make sure to use fabric paint for your jeans and do not mix any water with the paint.

  1. Pearl Embellished Denim

All that is required for this DIY is some beads that look like pearls; these can be found at any lace and fabric shop or even at some stationery stores.

Just hand sew these beads in any pattern of your liking-be it scattered throughout the jeans or in an increasing or decreasing fashion from top to bottom.

Remember to only sew the beads on the front and not at the back to make it more comfortable.

  1. Dual Tone Denims

Do you have a pair of jeans that doesn’t fit you or is perhaps too old to wear? Fret not, here’s a way you can use them.

Now, for this DIY project you’ll need two pairs of jeans-one that you still wear but is too plain for your liking and the other that is perhaps too old now.

Take the first pair and cut off 5-6 inches from the hem; now taking the second pair cut off 7-8 inches from the bottom and sew/ hot glue this piece to the bottom of the first pair.

You can even cut patches from the old jeans and place them on the jeans according to your liking.

This will give you a two-tone denim look, which gives more detail and interest to any outfit.

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