5 Clothing Hacks Every Modest Fashionista Should Know!

As a modest dresser, it can often seem as if our choices are more limited, but we can actually shop at all of the same stores as mainstream fashionistas as long as we know a couple of tips and tricks to customize pieces and make them fully modest. 

What are the main things that we need to change to make a wardrobe modest? Well, low necklines, high hemlines, sheer fabrics and ripped jeans are always a no-no, but with a little creativity and access to these 5 hacks, you will be able to rock the latest trends whilst still staying modest.  

  1. Tactical Tank Tops

    It’s obvious that if you have a top that has a low neckline, then the solution is to put a tank top or a vest top under it. However, we find that the extra layers can be too hot in the summer time and the extra layer of fabric can rouche and bobble up underneath, ruining your look.

    Solution? Buy a variety of tank tops in different colors and cut them into bralets so that they cover the exact area that you want to cover, without adding extra bulk and making you uncomfortably hot.

  2.  Mind the Gap

    We’ve all been there, when we have a trouser/top combo that we absolutely love but sometimes find that, when bending over to pick up our phone, tie our shoes or say hello to kids that the trousers can be a little low and the top a little short.

    Rather than throwing the outfit away or seeing it longingly sitting in your wardrobe, simply buy a thin, over-sized shirt that you can wrap around your waist to cover everything that you don’t want to show. Buy a light shirt in a neutral color and keep it in your bag to grab whenever you need it. Simple!

  3. Button it

    Some of the most common questions that we get about modest dressing are how to dress for the office. A lot of business wear for women is quite body conscious and button-up shirts are notorious for peaking open across the bust area. Wearing a trusty tank top or using a safety pin are not options in this case because any way you try to cover up, mis-behaving clothing is not a professional look.

    Rather than trying to cover up the problem, fix it for good with this quick and discreet hack. Simply buy some strong double sided fabric tape, loop it around on itself, stick it between the gap and it will completely close up the gap without a need for safety pins or anything else ruining your style. This hack also works for v-necks that are a little too low!

  4. Keep it on the down low

    When you have a full-length skirt that is just a little too short and revealing more leg than you would like, but it’s too hot to wear tights or stockings, make sure to opt for a lower heel, or even flats which will make the skirt look longer on you.

  5. In every modest girl’s wardrobe should be a jean jacket. Denim is very versatile and can transcend a number of looks that you want to rock but keep modest at the same time. Short sleeves, spaghetti straps, sheer panels – all of these can seamlessly be covered up by a jean jacket.  Got some other hacks you think we must know about? We would love to hear from you! Send us a dm on our social media or email office@ifdcouncil.org. #ModestRevolution 

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