3 Palestinian Artists that Demonstrate Strength and Talent

Once again, the news currently dominating the global media landscape makes us aware of the frightening circumstances with which people living in Palestine have to deal with day in and day out. But this awareness comes with the recognition of Palestinian artists, designers and musicians who have been inspiring the world to pay attention. They use their talent for the preservation and recognition of the Palestinian culture, which continues to live on despite all odds. Three of these artists and examples of the achievements they have obtained  with their work are introduced below. 


Suzy Tamimi…

… is a Palestinian fashion designer. She tells Vogue Arabia that “the aim of my designs is to preserve Palestinian indigenous culture while bridging the gap between Eastern and Western worlds.” Seeking to interpret themes of continuity, identity and empowerment, Suzy Tamimi uses vintage remnants of Palestinian embroidery when producing her garments.  She features traditional fabrics, hand-embroidered by Palestinian female refugees, that are visible on decorative sleeves and collars. One of her collections is called “freedom fighter” and it is this title which is printed in both Arabic and English in bold typography on the garments. For instance, the collection showcases a coat of arms with doves as a symbol of peace, olive tree branches as cornerstones of Palestinian agriculture, and heritage and poppy flowers which represent the lives lost in the pursuit of liberty. It is meant as a straightforward call to all people in the world: fight for freedom. 



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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Suzy Tamimi (@suzytamimi)


Bashar Murad…

… works as a singer, songwriter and social activist. The music of the Palestinian addresses many social issues, including the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Bashar Murad started his career by uploading cover versions of globally popular songs on his Youtube channel. Later he combined his cover songs with the use of typical Middle Eastern instruments which led him to releasing his own songs. Together with the Icelandic Techno-Punk band Hatari he received global attention for producing the song “Klefi” which concerns the wish for freedom and aims at drawing attention to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in order for it to finally be solved.



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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Bashar Murad (@basharmuradofficial)


Emily Jacir…

… took advantage of the globally growing interest in Palestinian art. In 2007, her work which uses different media like film, photography and installations to tell stories about daily life in Palestine achieved the “Leone d’Oro a un artista” award at the Venice Biennale. Emily Jacir uses postmodern techniques to change objects, combining archive material from the present to create compositions that emphasize her global understanding while keeping her Palestine perspective. Her work supports people in processing issues related to fear, doubt, irony, emotional turmoil, desire, dreams, as well as to the expulsion and oppression of Palestinians. 



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In the end, what these artists have in common is that they send out a powerful message to the world; inspiring everybody to contribute to make a difference. No matter who you are, you can do something to make people aware of circumstances that need to be changed. And each person that publicly takes one step in the direction of justice has the chance to gain followers on a global level.





Written by Miriam Chisti






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