26 Things You Probably Never Knew About Chanel

Modest fashionistas often turn to Chanel when wearing designer labels specifically because of their stylish,classic yet conservative designs.  Here’s 26 reasons that will make you love the brand and how it transformed women’s fashion even more.

  1. Coco Chanel began as a milliner in 1909

ifdc After leaving a convent at age 18, Coco worked in a tailoring shop while struggling to become a music hall performer. She finally opened her own shop in 1909. 2. Coco Chanel opened her store on Rue Cambon in Paris in 1910.     ifdc The lease originally forbade the sale of couture dresses since there was already a couture shop in the building. In 1918, she moved down the street to 31 Rue Cambon, where there is still a store today. 3. The iconic Chanel No. 5 perfume was created in 1921. iconic-Chanel-5-perfume-created-1921 Coco reportedly wanted “a woman’s perfume with a woman’s scent.” The iconic bottle’s diamond stopper was inspired by Paris’s Place Vendome. 4. Coco introduced tweed to women. ifdc   In 1924, Chanel began work with a Scottish factory to produce the fabric after borrowing tweed sportswear from the Duke of Westminster. 5. Chanel also created the little black dress as we know it. A sketch of Coco’s design appeared in a 1926 issue of American Vogue, where it wasidentified as the shape of the future. 6. And pioneered the women’s suit. ifdc   The look usually consisted of two or three pieces and became a must buy for women during the ’10s and ’20s. 7. She also popularized her eponymous two-toned shoes and gold-chained handbags.   ifdc Her accessories, especially handbags, became popular during the brand’s resurgence in the 1950s. The quilted bag debuted in February 1955. 8. And while the classic accessories will continue to rule . . . ifdc   You could also invest in a Chanel Hula-Hoop bag from the Spring 2013 collection (which will only set you back $2,400).   9. During the 1930s, Chanel developed a rivalry with Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli. Elsa Schiaparelli   10. During World War II, Chanel closed her salon. ifdc During that time, she lived in the Ritz Hotel, which later became the headquarters of Nazi High Command in Paris. 11. Karl Lagerfeld took over as chief designer in 1983. ifdc The designer was convinced to cancel his contract at Chloé to work at Chanel for an annual salary of $1 million. 12. Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, Choupette Lagerfeld, earned €3 million last year. ifdc   The adorable model even has her own Instagram account. 13. And both Karl and Choupette have caught the eye of street artists. ifdc   Artist Bradley Theodore created this work in New York. 14. Every year, Chanel’s Métiers d’Art show features the work of ateliers.   ifdc The beautifully detailed collections highlight the talent of the workshops that produce everything from leather to lace. 15. The intricate show took place in Salzberg in 2014.   ifdc     16. Texas in 2013. Texas-Ifdc   17. Scotland in 2012, and more! ifdc   18. Karl is known for his spectacular shows. ifdc The Summer 2015 show featured model protestors. 19. Like this futuristic landscape during the Fall 2013 Haute Couture show. ifdc 20. And this under the seascape from the Fall 2012 show. ifdc 21. And even a Chanel-themed art museum for the Spring 2014 show.   22. Models walked around a giant globe for Fall 2013. ifdc                                           23. And even shopped at a Chanel grocery store for Fall 2014. ifdc 24. Yes, even the shopping cart was Chanel approved. ifdc   25. Hudson Kroenig is the mini model featured in many of Lagerfeld’s shows. ifdc The son of model Brad Kroenig, Hudson is Lagerfeld’s godson and has made an appearance in Chanel shows since he was just 2. Here he walked in the Haute Couture Spring 2014 show.   26. The brand continues to expand. ifdc   Most recently, it launched jewelry on popular shopping site Net-a-Porter.com, which you canshop now. Source of article: popsugar.com

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