21 Questions with fashion blogger @hazaleceyuceer

By liamandjeila

  1. The first thing I do in the morning is drink Turkish coffee
  2. I would never leave home without my matte lipstick
  3. My must-have clothing item is a white basic t-shirt
  4. The one thing I will let myself splurge on is luxury bags
  5. I would describe my personal style a mix of basic pieces with one statement item
  6. The best thing about living in Istanbul is having Bosphorus by your side. I guess I will never get tired of this view, like ever!
  7. My number one fashion inspiration is Julie Sariñana. She is really blogger goals!
  8. My favorite designers and my favorite brands are Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Brian Atwood, Edgardo Osorio
  9. I decided to start blogging because I was encouraged by my friends and followers because of my sense of fashion
  10. A blogger is someone who can be an inspiration to his/her followers both with his/her style and lifestyle
  11. Being a female blogger is being able to show her distinctive style rather than simply drawing attention to her sexuality
  12. When it comes to fashion blogging, people don’t realize how hard creating original concepts are for photos
  13. My favorite fashion magazine is Vogue
  14. My favorite travel destination is Paris or wait, Rome?
  15. The most exciting person I have ever met was my marketing professor in university
  16. One person I would love to meet would have to be Olivia Palermo. She is indeed a true inspiration
  17. My current fashion obsession is floral items
  18. One thing my followers would be surprised to hear is that I am going to create my own brand
  19. My favorite fashion quote is life is too short to wear boring clothes
  20. One thing I have never done but would love to do is traveling around South Africa
  21. The greatest life advice I have ever received was follow your soul, it knows the way

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