20 Ideas for Family Picture Displays

Treasured photographs deserve the attention they’ll get in these creative displays.

Family history

Kids or grandkids, parents or grandparents. We all have a personal history in the form of family photographs that we want to show off. Here, pictures cover two walls flanking a sunny window seat. Read on to see more creative ways to show off your cherished mug shots. ifdc

Art on an easel

When a photo doubles as art, treat it as such: Clip it to an easel. ifdc

Shadow box

A small collage of family pictures fills this charming hanging shadow box. ifdc

Under glass

Behind glass doesn’t have to mean in a frame. Here, copies of favorite photos adorn clear glass containers of various shape and size. This method means seasonal displays are simple: Santa with the kids for the holidays. Beach vacation snapshots in summer. ifdc

Repurposed rack

A wooden drying rack on the wall and a large spool of twine serve as photo holders in a Nebraska farmhouse. ifdc

Big and bold

Flanking a blowup of a child’s portrait with dramatic drapes amps the impact. ifdc

Mix it up

A mismatched assortment of frames — different sizes, shapes and weights — unified with a coat of white paint make for an eye-catching arrangement. Unexpected elements add whimsy. 101195375

Draw the eye

Crown the stair landing with a grouping of pictures to draw eyes up. Or line the stairwell with pics. For a cottagey look, mix up frame style, size and color. ifdc

Eliminate mats

Because glass replaces mats on most of these photos, the wall color shows through, creating graphic impact. ifdc

Molding treatment

Picture molding doesn’t have to support just artist’s work. Molding unifies this sweet arrangement of photos. ifdc

Line ’em up

Black-and-white photos hung in a row echo the linear quality of the architecture. Follow the lines in your house for the same effect. ifdc

Petite perches

Set tiny shots on diminutive perches. These copies of treasured photos were attached to decorative plates that act as frames. You could also hang them on the wall with plate hangers. ifdc

Wrap a room

Crown a room in photos framed and matted the same way. This treatment marches your eye around the room. ifdc

Frameworks unify

Disparate-style photos—color, black-and-white, vacation, portrait—come together for a cohesive look when unified via the frames. ifdc

Frame within a frame

Heirloom pics make big impact when centered in multiple frames. The large, golden frames draw all eyes to the miniature portrait. ifdc

Stick with a classic

The warmth of a hearth echoes the feeling of family, so mantels are a natural home for photos.


Compose a grouping

Photos hang on the wall from lengths of ribbon and adorn the lampshade and pillows. Use photo transfer paper (available at crafts stores) to apply photos to fabric that is then used to make pillows or quilts. ifdc

Time capsule

Make a large copy of a favorite photo so that it fills the face of a clock kit (available at crafts stores). Follow manufacturer’s directions to assemble. ifdc


A multitude of snapshots gathered in one spot garner the attention the mementos deserve. ifdc

Framed again

Stock trim pieces create the impression of a paneled wall, which further frames this geometrical grouping of portraits. ifdc Source of Article: midwestliving.com

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