15 Things Hijabis Wish You Knew!

Hijab: a form of clothing which represents modesty and faith. Typically consisting of a veil/scarf wrapped around a woman’s head and modest clothing. If you’re not a Hijabi, you may have a few questions that may linger on your mind about people who wear Hijabs. Here are a list of questions that Hijabis receive all the time with answers that usually apply to most Hijabis! ifdc 1. Do you have hair? Yes of course! Just because you can see it doesn’t mean its not there. Hijabis have hair just like you and everyone else. 2. Do you shower with your hijab on? No, well…not for most. 3 .Don’t you get hot? Yeah, especially in the summer. But Hijabis will get use to it. 4. Why do you wear the hijab? The Hijab is worn because it is an Islamic religious requirement. When a girl reaches a certain age (9) she is encouraged to wear the Hijab on the basis that she completely understands why. 5. Did your parents force you to wear your hijab? Not going to lie, in some families, Hijabs are cultural/traditional and some parents will force their daughters to wear the hijab…unfortunately. However, nowadays, girls will make their choice and will receive support from their parents/family. 6. Is your dad allowed to see your hair? Yes of course! Your biological dad is completely allowed to see your hair. 7. What colour hair do you have? It really depends on genes 😉 Just like most girls, Hijabis dye their hair, cut it and even style it. 8. What’s the point of getting an ear-piercing if your going to cover it? Looking after one’s self is for them. If getting a piercing makes a woman feel special and pretty, then that’s the only person she needs to please. 9. Do you wish you never wore the hijab? It depends on the persons understanding and faith. For most, Hijabis are able to remove the Hijab if they find themselves not ready. 10. Do the pins ever hurt? That depends on how accurate you are with pins. At first, putting the pins in place to secure the hijab may be a little tricky but it comes with experience. 11. Who is allowed to see your hair? Your father, brothers, uncles and grandfather (biological) are all allowed to see your hair. And as for females, all females are allowed to see your hair. 12. Can you take your hijab off just for a day? Not unless you really wanted to. It’s kind of like asking someone to not wear clothes for a day as crazy as that may sound. 13. Do you take your hijab off when you sleep? Yeah! It’s more comfortable not to wear your hijab when sleeping. 14. How many Hijabs do you have? Hijabs are like pieces of clothing. You have as many or as little as you like. They can even be statement pieces in an outfit. ifdc 15. Can I see your hair? It depends on who you’re asking and how comfortable they are with the idea of that. Being a Hijabi is a way of life. It is not simply a piece of material wrapped around your head or covering visible skin. Being a Hijabi is an understanding and faith. It can be translated as different things for different people. The only judgment valid for anyone is Gods and everyone’s Hijab is beautiful in their own way. Images: Haute Hijab Article written exclusively for IFDC By Israa Al-Tamimi.

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