The revolutionary Pret-A-Cover™ category allows stores to offer a dedicated section which allows them to better cater to the valuable modest fashion, arts, and lifestyle consumer. This dedicated store category offers the valuable market a much needed ease in shopping.  

It also is a term that marks a special reference point for this industry that was not available before. Now the press, academia, industry lingo, and general vocabulary can make use of this term to specifically refer to this vast lifestyle market more appropriately. Hence, the Pret-A-Cover™term allows the industry to move away from the traditional use of the word ‘modest’, which often is criticized as not the best word to describe this category since it could evoke an idea of restriction and possibly lack of appeal. The new Pret-A-Cover™ term will allow the $420 billion (as of 2018) industry to be interpreted in ways that will better reflect the category’s true nature and release it from pre-conditioned interpretations. 

Pret-A-Cover™ celebrates how this industry has evolved, as it progresses to wider communities, allowing consumers all over the world the freedom to define what Pret-A-Cover™means to them. In the same spirit as the classic French, Prêt-à-Porter category, quite literally meaning ‘Ready-to-Wear’, Pret-A-Cover™simply means ‘Ready-to-Cover’. The words “Pret A”, ready (or willing) to, confirms there is a choice in this lifestyle for everyone; it is not imposed on any person nor was it ever intended to by any of its faith based guidelines. The word “Cover” suggests a type of protection and applies to all areas, whether it’s by clothing on your body, by ‘good for you’ halal make-up on your skin, by higher standard food for your health, by better financial practices for your living, and so much more.  

The choice and protection comes with the beauty of the more moderate lifestyle that Pret-A-Cover™celebrates, be it in ones interpretation of fashion, art, finances, food, etc, is that it empowers people to make these choices that are in-line with their faith based values, principals, or personal ideology of a more moderate approach to all areas of life. This choice affords a personal best to those that observe these basic principles. This is a term for the entire industry and all stakeholders, be they consumers, retailers, suppliers, services, governments, events, market researchers, designers, artists, developers, and incubator programs as well as training, consultation and management programs. 


 Pret-A-Cover™Buyers Lane 

Produced by the Pret-A-Cover™ creator, Alia Khan, the first Pret-A-Cover™ event, Pret-A-Cover™Buyers Lane (PAC BL) was launched in City Walk, Dubai in March 2018 under the support of Dubai government’s Islamic Economy Development Center and key sponsors including SILVERbac, the leading textile fiber technology; Burgundy & Zoq, the prominent events and interiors group, Artist Playground by Pullman, the unique art hub initiated by the leading hotel chain Pullman Hotels;, Grazia Magazine, Aston Martin, Emirates Airlines, Careem, Harper’s Bazaar, and more leading supporting partners. 

Dubbed as the ‘anti-fashion week’ for breaking away from the traditional catwalk, instead applying innovative use of 25 projectors and screens ranging from projection mapping to holographic water screens to LED and more – all to showcase designer and lifestyle brands including arts, interiors, and other modest living ideas in an outstanding manner. The idea behind Pret-A-Cover™Buyers Lane is to yield an audience experience and creative journey unlike any other.  

This does not always mean that technology is our only way to generate an outstanding experience at this one of a kind event. The most important drive is to always demonstrate a built in dedication to use an out of the box approach to generate more commercial interest for the participants and give them better business viability through new strategies.  

The launch event of PACBL brought together over 35 international fashion designers, artists, and stakeholders all focused on breaking into or further engaging the vast spending power of the Pret-A-Cover™global audience. It proved to be a mesmerizing experience for buyers, fashion aficionados, art lovers, influencers, media, industry suppliers, general audiences and more and was the talk off most major press titles in every corner of the world. 

Through an innovative format, the event challenged conventional fashion and lifestyle shows by providing the designers, artists, and lifestyle players with an outlet for creating impact through a vision that’s their very own. Not forcing them into any compartment, the refreshing approach to expression of their message is the hook that rendered results in brand engagement. 

Here is a list of the Pret-A-Cover™ services provided by IFDC: 


Pret-A-Cover™ Events 

Pret-A-Cover™ Retail Placement 

Pret-A-Cover™ Research Studies 

Pret-A-Cover™ Industry Training 

Pret-A-Cover™ Market Consultations 

Pret-A-Cover™ Retail Management Program 

Media Platforms: Press Partners, Portal, The Modest Channel, Cover Magazine™, Etc. 


Pret-A-Cover™ Events 

Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) works with leading events, fashion weeks, conferences, and exhibitions to bring experiences and exposure to the world on all things modest. Whether it’s a fashion week, or a textile fair, designer exhibition, and economic summit, or our many bespoke experiences and marquis events around the world, there is surely something for all stakeholders in the industry including the highly coveted consumer.

IFDC can provide designers, artists, and lifestyle players with the best exposure and effective marketing opportunities that lead to significant orders; whilst giving retailers opportunities to have their message carried to a target audience that translates into new revenue streams. IFDC also helps the consumer to keep their finger on the pulse of all that’s going on in the world of modest fashion whether it’s sample sales or latest runway looks; and much more…there’s one thing for sure; nothing can be more exciting than an event in which IFDC takes part. And as of 2018, IFDC has also added their own revolutionary Pret-A-Cover™ Buyers Lane to their list of prestigious events. 

To book your initial complimentary event consultation, send your contact details and a description of your event/company/organization to 


Pret-A-Cover™ Retail Space 

 Already being noted as the “go to” section for buyers, merchandisers, retailers, and consumers from around the globe, Pret-A-Cover™ is the best way to denote a store category that will lead this lucrative market directly to the area of the store that matters to them most, allowing the modest lifestyle consumer to shop with success every time. Ask your favorite retailer to start a Pret-A-Cover™ (PAC) section in their store by contacting 

Pret-A-Cover™ Research Studies 

The Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) has recognized the global need for a deeper understanding of the Islamic fashion and design sector. In order to attain more comprehensive information and insights, the study must be conducted on an ongoing basis. IFDC believes this market will yield significant global positioning, if approached and managed correctly.

IFDC continues to undertake an ongoing global research study program focusing on several aspects of the sector and market whilst developing a comprehensive understanding of the consumer profile and demands. This has not been adequately addressed thus far, hence the targeted approach by IFDC.

This study is expected to provide a strong blue print on succeeding in the way forward. Given the value and power of this market, there is nothing more pertinent at this stage. It is important that a full picture on the market, stakeholders, and the highly coveted consumer be provided through this work.

The program includes think tanks, roundtables, focus groups, surveys and further market studies.

For more information on how your organization can be involved with IFDC’s global research study programs, please contact 


Pret-A-Cover™ Industry Training 

Islamic fashion and design council (IFDC) is committed to the ultimate development of every human being and has a tremendous focus on the success of all stakeholders globally.
The comprehensive training programs have been deemed ‘life changers’ by trainees worldwide. We have trained participants from over 30 countries and the demand continues to grow.

The push to put together outstanding training came when IFDC Chairwoman, Alia Khan built her charity work in underprivileged areas of the Muslim world. Not willing to accept that people could not help themselves, she teamed up with the best in every field of education and human development to find real solutions that worked.

Thus, IFDC’s workshops and training programs were developed. The programs are constantly being fine-tuned and updated through a comprehensive research department and IFDC works only with top experts who test everything against sound ideology/principles that yield results before incorporating into our training programs.

These programs have helped attendees in their professional and personal capacity. Workshops can be tailored to meet specific requirements of companies and organizations looking to really make a difference in their journey forward.

For more details and bookings of the IFDC programs, send your contact details and a description of your company/organization to 


Pret-A-Cover™ Market Consultations 

Over recent years, the potential of the global Islamic fashion market has piqued the interest of a number of established mainstream designers and retailers, keen to access the loyal and lucrative consumer following that this market offers. However, mainstream designers’ efforts in accessing these consumers has been somewhat of a hit-and-miss scenario given the reviews from consumers and the actual clothing items offered along with the messaging.

Key factors and requirements in the design of fashion that would appeal to the valuable Muslim/modest consumer have been overlooked. Thus, instead of endearing themselves to what would be a very loyal life-long customer base, designers and retailers have actually ended up alienating these consumers by showing a lack of understanding and due diligence.

Islamic fashion and design council (IFDC) works with mainstream designers and retailers in better understanding and successfully winning this valuable consumer group over. Through IFDC’s consulting arm, which specializes in a focused approach and better communication with modest (Muslim and non-Muslim) consumers through our research, data, and vast global reach, the organization is able to facilitate an effective connection for the mainstream designers and retailers looking to better serve this attractive market.

To book your initial complimentary IFDC consultation, send your contact details and a description of your company/organization to

Pret-A-Cover™ Retail Management Program 

Islamic fashion and design council (IFDC) works with global retailers on the development, implementation, marketing and sustainability of modest wear and other products targeted at this trillion-dollar market. Through the Pret-A-Cover™ program, retailers are now able to tap into this massive market and generate more traffic and a new revenue stream they would not have been able to tap into otherwise; and with immense success.

Each retailer has specific unique requirements and customer profile, while at the same time in need of better understanding of how to drive this valuable traffic to their stores. IFDC’s expertise in this area will lend retailers valuable insight as they benefit from IFDC’s global research, insight, and vast reach that only IFDC has. Winning this market’s loyalty will prove to be a significant boost to the retailers.  Increasing traffic and revenues is a strong effect of the focused work done within the highly effective Pret-A-Cover™ program.

To book your initial complimentary retail consultation, send your contact details and a description of your company/organization to