10 Workwear Abayas All Chic Career Women Should Own

Finding office-friendly abayas in a sea of intricately embellished and heavily embroidered overlays can be a challenge. Allow us to revive your wardrobe with workwear abayas that are professional yet fashionable. Think modern details and fresh designs from the likes of Bouguessa, OE-O Studio, and Defage that integrate multiple tones, contemporary materials, soft colors, and subtle textures; all while keeping up with your personal style credentials. From overlays with clean lines to cuts with flattering falls, here are ten chic workwear abayas that are suitable for any corporate environment. ifdc


Crepe long coat US $664; AED/SAR 2,441 ifdc

HF Boutique

Paneled crepe abaya Price upon request ifdc


Taffeta belted abaya Price upon request ifdc

OE-O Studio

Hand-applied crackle-detailed cotton abaya US $1,318; AED/SAR 4,842 ifdc

Simply M

Kalibry bisht US $731; AED/SAR 2,867 ifdc


Two-tone abaya Price upon request ifdc


Knotted-detail abaya Price upon request ifdc

Elle Maison by Elham

Pinstripe abaya Price upon request ifdc


Silk kimono abaya US $667; AED/SAR 2,449 ifdc

Hind’s Lounge

Mesh oversized sleeve abaya Price upon request Source of article: me.popsugar.com

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