10 Tips to Protect and Preserve Your Designer Handbags

Is the leather on your handbag starting to dull? The hardware losing its luster? Or did you get a water stain on your favorite satchel? Don’t panic because there are ways to treat and revive your favorite designer handbags from daily wear and tear. 

Read on and learn how to extend the lifespan of your beloved bags and preserve your investment pieces for years to come.  

  1. Cosmetics can be a handbag’s worst enemy.
  2. We live in a hot climate and there’s a strong chance that your lipstick will melt and ruin the interior of your bag. Always store your makeup products in a pouch.

 2.   Yes, you need to stay hydrated on the go, but your bag isn’t an H2O-holder. You don’t want to kiss your smartphone, tablet, and bag goodbye when you find all your essentials floating around in a pool of water because you didn’t seal the cap tight. Try not to store any liquids in your bag and if you must, place them in a separate pouch to avoid hazardous leaks.

3.    While at work, try not to place your bag on the desk. An accidental swipe of a pen on the exterior can cause a permanent stain. And make sure that all caps are securely placed on pens before tossing them into your bag to avoid any ink stains.

4.   Suede is a beautiful material, but cleaning it can be a difficult task. Protect your suede handbags by using water repelling products. When it comes to removing stains, use a suede brush to gently treat marks and discoloration.

5.    Most, if not all designer bags come with a dust bag—use it. They exist to protect your bags when you’re not toting them around, as well as maintain the leather’s luster.

6.    Avoid cramming all your bags into one tight space. Like you, your bags need to breathe. Instead, store them sparingly on a shelf or in a closet and out of direct sunlight.


7.    Try not to hang your bags on a hook for long periods of time; this can cause the strap to over stretch and lose its shape.

8.    Use a lint roller to pick up the debris and dust that accumulates at the bottom of your bag.

9.    Give your bags a break by rotating them weekly and invest in designer bags that are suitable for everyday use.

10.    In worst case scenarios, such as tears, tough to remove stains, or broken zippers, send your bag to an expert who specializes in treating luxury bags.

Keep your handbags in mint condition with these products:


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