10 Helpful Tips for New Mothers:


  1. Prayers – Prayers are essential at any given moment in time, and prayers not only protect us but also the new born baby from anything that isn’t positive around her/her. Moreover, because everyone is excited to see and carry the baby make sure u say a little prayer for your newborn baby.
  1. Listen but always follow your instincts – Everyone around you will always know more than you. So just as a polite gesture listen to what they say however, at the end of the day it goes down to you as a mother and how you want to take care of your baby.
  1. Babies are supposed to cry, don’t panic – As a new mother you may be extremely sensitive to everything that your baby does especially when the baby cries. DON’T  rush to your baby as soon as you hear him/her cry and carry her, give the baby a chance to cry and understand that mummy will not always pick them up.
  1. Let Your baby be free and grow – Allow your child to grow and make discoveries on his/her own. This allows the child to pick on the few habits that he/she discovers and makes them be able to feel free in their own surrounding.
  1. Working mums need to create time – As a working mum you need to allocate an hour or two with your child. This makes the child know that mummy might be working but she will always make time for him/her and be present.
  1. Always have with you a Camera or HandyCam – You don’t know when your child will make his/her first step so you should always be ready to capture the beautiful moments.
  1. New Mums also stay fit – No excuses, taking care of yourself should also be a priority. By exercising you are keeping yourself fit and active for you and your baby.
  1. Take those Naps – As soon as your baby has taken his/her nap make sure you squeeze in an hour or so to rest your body and mind. Because they always say ‘ a grumpy mummy = an unhappy baby!’
  1. Everyone deserves a Break – Call up your mum or get a nanny and leave them with the baby. Take time out and go for dinner and movies with your partner. It will take your mind of the baby for a while and allow you to relax.
  1. There is nothing like a perfect mum – Just be the best you can be, we all learn through mistakes. And if you feel like you can’t do it anymore, it’s not too late to ask for help. Nobody is ever a one man Army.

Article exclusively  for IFDC by Nadia from fiercelymodest.com

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