de Young Museum’s groundbreaking Contemporary Muslim Fashions exhibit opens today!

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This year, IFDC is helping Modest Fashion to take the world by storm in Milano, Dubai, Paris, New York and now San Francisco!  Starting today, September 22, 2018, the de Young Museum of San Francisco is holding an exhibit entitled Contemporary Muslim Fashions. The exhibit includes the Modest Fashion model, Halima Aden, and is meant to delve into the variety and complexity of Muslim Fashion, as well as Modest Fashion.  As a host to millions of visitors from around the world, it is befitting that the de Young Museum curate and host this culturally significant exhibit.  The Islamic Fashion and Design Council is proud to see that many of...

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Inside The Whimsical World Of Muslim Artist Amira Rahim

Amira Rahim (@amirarahimart) is an artist from New Jersey who is known for experimenting with vibrant color palettes to express her emotions. Although she’s been drawing and painting since she was a child, Rahim initially planned to pursue a career in law. College was a time of awakening for her, Rahim studied abroad and traveled frequently — visiting Brazil and several countries in Europe. She explored a number of religious traditions before converting to Islam while studying in London, England, during...

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6 natural beauty tips for your modest lifestyle this Islamic New Year

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Find out more on the 6 natural beauty tips for modest lifestyle this Islamic New Year in this video. Watch for the benefits of :   1. Miswak   2. Kohl   3. Henna   4. Wudhu   5. Oiling of hair  and   6. Smiling

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We all know that there is a hidden hero inside every boy. The idea of being a hero thrills to no end. And a boy’s childhood, he begins to select his hero path. Some choose to do it by being a lawyer, others by being a doctor, and others through the arts, and so on. In this article I will be talking about a hero who started by just being a hard working guy, for whom sports is like oxygen...

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