IFDC Renews Collabaration With Torino Fashion Week:  Brings Modest Fashion back to the Italian Runways   

May 13  th , 2018 Dubai IFDC and TFW are renewing their deal that made historical headlines in 2017. After last year’s resounding success, IFDC is once again the official modest fashion partner to Torino Fashion Week where they will bring back Modest Fashion to the center stage of a mainstream fashion week. Giving select modest fashion players exposure in the fashion world from the country deemed the global hub of fashion, Italy is about to make international headlines again...

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Anita Sondore – From Latvia with Love


Anita Savicka is the Latvian designer behind the Anita Sondore brand. The brand is equal parts vision, giftedness, know-how and passion. Anita polished her skills working alongside various Jewelry makers such as the Ermini master studio in Rome and Van Cleef & Arpels in Paris. Anita says her jewelry is her own story, a mirror of its time. “There are personalities, individuals, living, breathing, ringing with a deep thought and a message in their hearts.”   The granddaughter of a blacksmith, Anita carves with unusual tools. She states that her...

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Jim Jordan: A Visionare Par Excellence

Writing has many perks. The best of them is meeting people who share their passion with us. They thrill and inspire us with stories of their lives. Jim Jordan is one of those phenomenal personalities. IFDC was lucky enough to catch a few moments to learn just how he became synonymous as a Visionare Par Excellance. Previously we got a glimpse of the true inspiration and master of seeing beyond the face,  And as  promised heres part 2. Lets get...

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