P.S. Muslim Women Are Changing The Face Of Fashion

While Muslim fashionistas are taking Instagram by storm, it’s the clothes they wear that are experiencing an exponential growth in demand. By Shruti Gattani With Trump assuming the role of POTUS, there have been numerous moments when the mere existence of Muslims in USA has been questioned; to such an extent that young girls out of fear of violence would not wear a hijab. However, at the same time the world also witnessed and applauded Muslim women like Noor Tagouri...

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IFDC Highlights

Pret A Cover

Maaida Noor

Maaida Noor is an emerging British Muslim artist. She’s taking the art world by storm from winning an award to exhibiting for royalty. Her gestural abstracts are an exploration of culture, both personal and shared. Maaida’s works are extremely thought inspiring; she is motivated by a number of themes of rich Islamic heritage and reflections of humanity resulting in powerful artworks. Women, beauty, and power. Colour and emotion play an important role in Maaida’s work. Emotion guides positive feelings into...

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This-abled Guy

I would like to tell you about the “behind of the scenes” story of the article. Believe me it was the hardest article for me to write to date. I procrastinated for weeks and I couldn’t quite the right words together. Because the topic I chose is not your average story. I had to put myself in other shoes. In the shoes of someone very special. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking of him, since the first time I met...

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