Marc Jacobs Enchanted by Modest Fashion

Marc Jacobs Ready-To-Wear 2018 spring collection kicks off on the runway during New York Fashion Week this month. It offered a variety of fashion styles. What was interesting is that along with the retro style looks, vibrant colors and that long Egyptian winged eyeliner, his runway models were wearing hijab-like wraps. Each head covering was distinctive to match the outfit, it was nothing but exaggerated yet fabulous. Ayana Ife, the first hijabi designer to be on the show ‘Project Runway’,...

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IFDC Highlights

Pret A Cover

MARCH 28 to APRIL 2, 2018
In the heart of DUBAI


Noor Al-Mosawi Photography-Simple Yet Powerful

An inspiring visual artist, 36-year old Noor Al-Mosawi captures the beauty and elegance of Muslim women in everyday life. Amidst being a Toronto-based wedding photographer, Noor uses unique ways to present her visual storytelling. “The themes I explore in my work vary, but capturing beauty in the everyday is one that I would say has been constant for several years now.” Mosawi said. Noor incorporates various colored smoke bombs as the model holds an umbrella, Mason jar, or pot. Smoke...

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Subhi Taha on Modesty

Subhi Taha, blogger and designer, is a twenty-five-year-old Palestinian-Pilipino-Muslim-American, with a distinct personal style that has made him a generational Muslim icon. Associated with his Internet presence, marked by his rambunctious YouTube videos and aesthetically pleasing minimalist Instagram feed, Taha is known by his audience and consumers as an inspiration for creative entrepreneurship. Taha has constructed a brand that encompasses the Islamic concepts of modesty and minimalism, with a traditional but timeless touch that makes his pieces classically modern. IFDC...

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