Fashion Revolution Week: Western modest fashion brands show peers way to ethical practices

As Fashion Revolution Week grips the global fashion industry it isn’t just Western ethical standards that are under the spotlight but also how transparent the modest fashion sector is and to what extent the Islamic values entrenched in it are upheld. Fashion Revolution Week (April 24 – 30) marks the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse just outside Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2013, which killed 1,138 people and injured many more. Bangladesh’s ready-made garments sector accounts for 80 percent of...

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IFDC Highlights

Pret A Cover

A man who dreams of old Mecca

Photography by Amer Hilabi  Sami Angawi refuses to call Mecca a city, for his Mecca could never be transformed into a metropolis – no matter how deep the drills dig or how fierce the battle between the skyscrapers and the clouds. Mecca is a “sanctuary,” he says. “It’s God’s house, the refuge of humans, the birthplace of Islam.” It is the sanctuary established by the archetype of the perfect Muslim, Prophet Abraham, he adds. And for this impassioned, animated Saudi...

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Modest Men: Elements of Fit

Even the highest quality garment will not look right if it does not fit properly. Here are some things to check: Coat Fits comfortably over garments Length for men – below the knee Sleeve length: extends ½ inch longer than shirt sleeve. Jacket If single-breasted, the bottom button is usually kept open. If the jacket has 4-buttons, the top button may also be left open. If double-breasted: the buttons are kept closed. Fits smoothly; no diagonals, vertical or horizontal lines....

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