Muslim Designer Anniesa Hasibuan Dazzles again at NYFW with Hijabi Models and Dramatic, Wearable Statement Pieces

Credit: Getty Images for Anniesa Hasibuan New York, NY – The moment the first model hit the runway in her all white-sequined gown, paired with a glamorous ruffled jacket the audience was in awe, and the ‘Drama’ had commenced. This season designer, Anniesa Hasibuan, traded in her pearls from last season for sequins, ruffles, feathers, and gold…lots and lots of gold. Anniesa Hasibuan, the Muslim designer from Indonesian who went viral last season after showing the first collection with all...

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Pret A Cover

It’s harder than ever to teach Islamic art — but never more important

How do we talk about architecture and poetry in a time of misinformation and war? Kishwar Rizvi teaches the history of Islamic art and architecture at Yale University. She is a Public Voices Fellow with the Oped Project. Every year, I take the students from my Islamic architecture course to visit the Islamic art collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York so they can see the cultural artifacts we’ve discussed in class. In 2013, we stopped to...

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This-abled Guy

I would like to tell you about the “behind of the scenes” story of the article. Believe me it was the hardest article for me to write to date. I procrastinated for weeks and I couldn’t quite the right words together. Because the topic I chose is not your average story. I had to put myself in other shoes. In the shoes of someone very special. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking of him, since the first time I met...

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