Modest fashion returns stronger than ever

The understanding of modest fashion is fast rising. Historically, dressing conservatively has been at odds with what’s considered ‘fashionable’ in Western fashion trends. Covered looks are increasingly becoming more appealing to young adults. What is considered modest or appropriate changes depending on culture and context. It also changes from woman to woman, depending on body type, personality, personal convictions, age bracket and season in life. Specifically in the case of young Muslim women, more and more style-conscious ladies are experimenting with...

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Pret A Cover

A man who dreams of old Mecca

Photography by Amer Hilabi  Sami Angawi refuses to call Mecca a city, for his Mecca could never be transformed into a metropolis – no matter how deep the drills dig or how fierce the battle between the skyscrapers and the clouds. Mecca is a “sanctuary,” he says. “It’s God’s house, the refuge of humans, the birthplace of Islam.” It is the sanctuary established by the archetype of the perfect Muslim, Prophet Abraham, he adds. And for this impassioned, animated Saudi...

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Want the Jon Stewart look?

As anyone who watched The Daily Showcan when Jon Stewart reigned supreme, has noticed he wore a suit every night for all of his 16 years on the show. And, as the end of his time as hosting approached, Stewart clearly looked forward to loosening the tie and throwing off the jacket – indeed, he then turned to selling the suits he wore on the show, via an auction on eBay, with the proceeds going to charity. What a great guy!! In one sense, this auction...

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