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NFTs, Art, Design and Digital Fashion

An NFT is a unique digital good or the digital version of a real-life object in an image or video. Literally, NFT stands for a non-fungible token, meaning that nothing can serve in the place of the NFT, or token. And these tokens are linked to a creation or design that is accompanied by a  concept. The range is broad and varied, like the first tweet in history being sold as an NFT,  or the first digital home (Mars House)...

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It’s a Wrap! How to Tie a Turban in 5 Steps

The current circumstances do not make it easy for us to find occasions for which we can dress up and enjoy fashion the way we would normally do. Therefore, it is even more important to not let boredom rule our daily outfits and instead wrap ourselves in colorful clothing pieces which cheer up the mood and let us feel strong and bright. Giving us confidence and happiness is the power that fashion contains. For example, when a colorful turban wrapped...

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The Islamic Sneakers Biz Keeps Exploding!

Enter the kufi prayer sneakers whereby you simply slip off the outer shell of the sneaker to be fully compliant in your ablution for prayers. This is a big deal for the Muslim market, and now thanks to the new brand smartkhuffZ ®, this is possible in a fun, stylish, yet practical way. The majority of more than a billion Muslims pray five times a day, removing their shoes and washing their feet. However, because special sealing leather socks preserve...

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