Why the clothing industry is embracing Islamic fashion

In the modern-day culture wars over Islam’s place in America, fashion has become a flashpoint. Should Muslim women in the U.S. publicly show their faith with garments, from hijabs to burkinis? If the marketplace is any indication, that debate has been settled: Muslim fashion is here to stay. The mass-market retailer Uniqlo last weekend rolled out its fourth collection done in collaboration with Anglo-Japanese designer and practicing Muslim Hana Tajima. The Tajima collection for spring and summer features headscarves, tunics and flowing...

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Today’s Ramadan Reflection

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Torino Fashion Week’s Historic Modest Fashion Category

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Art Therapy: What and Who?

Art therapy is a type of psychotherapy utilising art media to express and communicate our emotions and feelings, therefore, it acts as a medium to highlight and address emotional issues. This can be implemented when issues for the person are confusing and distressing. Art therapists work with a wide range of individuals from children, adults and the elderly, who suffer from all kinds of difficulties, disabilities and diagnoses. Art therapists can help with art making, as a form of therapy...

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Male grooming

There is nothing better than a well-groomed man; one that takes very good care of himself well shaved and smells very attractive. One of the best things a man can do to keep up a young appearance is to take great care of his skin from the get-go. Although healthy skin is an individualized formula, genetic makeup customarily adds to certain issue regions. Here are 6 tips on how to groom yourself as a man: Moisturize The most vital lead...

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