IFDC Turkey is headed by a conglomerate group. The focus of this office is to unite the industry through providing various support and guidance on a few levels. The particular focus on press, promotions, and marketing gives the IFDC Turkey team an edge on global communications. With a strong footing in Istanbul, IFDC Turkey is at the forefront of the modest fashion scene in this region and applies the team expertise effectively with global impact.

Kezban Kargoz

IFDC Turkey Coordinating Director


Dr. Kezban Karagöz, academician and consultant, born in BURSA, lives and works in İstanbul.Having acquired her PHD and Masters at İstanbul University in Journalism, Kezban built her experience in fashion PR and branding. An expert brand consultant, she has written extensively on fashion with a particular focus on modest fashion, making her the first modest fashion author and blogger in Turkey.

Her vision for IFDC Turkey is to create  awareness for Turkish designers who have tremendous talent. Turkey’s sizable economy for modest fashion makes Istanbul an important hub for IFDC. The IFDC Turkey team’s focus is to encourage mainstream as well as modest designers to further improve their outreach and potential in this global market full of opportunity.

Kezban is a recognised academician, columnist, speaker,  and consultant and brings an array of skills to the IFDC Turkey group where she is Coordinating Director.

IFDC Turkey
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