FDC Russia is headed by Country Manager, Dilyara Sadrieva. It is the team’s mission to unlock the modest fashion market in Russia. They continue to create opportunities for Russian designers and educate their country on the importance of understanding the true nature of modest fashion under faith based values. IFDC Russia continues to partner with and support top fashion events including the Islamic Style International Festival and the Moscow Halal Expo.

Dilyara Sadrieva

IFDC Russia Country Manager

Dilyara Sadrieva is the Country Manager for IFDC Russia. A designer, stylist and entrepreneur by background she was born and brought up in Moscow. Dilyara founded and developed several fashion projects for Muslim women to help them integrate into societies in meaningful ways. This made her a beloved icon in the modest fashion space.
She is the founder of the popular fashion brand Bella Kareema and has brought a new look and sophistication to Islamic fashion. Her work is about more than design and fashion, but rather about the integration of virtue, grace, elegance, refinement and dignity. Dilyara continues to work with Muslim women to help them achieve their highest values with their natural vibrancy and humanity. Her achievements are well recognized in Russia and abroad. She is the author of many articles about Islamic fashion and art in Russian Muslim life style magazines “Musulmanka”, ” Aisha” , as well as an ongoing contributor to IFDC’s COVER Magazine for which she is Editor in Chief for their 2nd issue.

Dilyara’s vision for IFDC Russia is to make a significant impact in the region as her team develops and guides the industry as a whole

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