IFDC Pakistan is headed by Country Manager, Saqib Sohail. Saqib’s team aims to bring together creative people from all walks of life under its banner toward a common goal of creating a community. IFDC will work together with the community to ensure success of Islamic Fashion and Design in Pakistan and the various initiatives that will take the industry to a new level.

Saqib Sohail

IFDC Pakistan Country Manager

Saqib Sohail is the Country Manager for IFDC Pakistan where he aims to bring together creative people from all walks of life under its banner towards a common goal of creating a community. This community will work together to ensure success of Islamic fashion and design in Pakistan, which will be promoted nationally and globally. A focused and strong membership base is being built in order to help generate greater resources in our community to work toward our mission and our objectives.
One of the main goals of IFDC Pakistan is to raise awareness of the huge Islamic fashion and clothing industry that has not been tapped as per its potential. This will be done through creating partnerships with educational institutes and professional designers. IFDC Pakistan will be a bridge for designers and professionals who are interested in the Islamic Fashion industry to present and promote their work in front of national and international audiences. As part of IFDC Pakistan’s CSR efforts, it will ensure that local, traditional and cultural artists related to the field of textile, art, design and fashion are promoted internationally using the strong IFDC global network.
Saqib also intends that IFDC Pakistan will also be involved in developing modules for fashion and design institutes that could help the students in understanding the business of Islamic Fashion and Design.
Saqib holds a Masters degree in Textile & Apparel Technology Management from North Carolina State University. He has been involved in research in the field of productivity management, textile design and fashion design. He is also working on fashion forecasting as well as multi cultural design development. He has teaching experience of more than 10 years in the field of textile and fashion. He has worked as Department Head of Fashion Design programs and during that tenure he was able to develop and promote the work of students at international level. Under his mentorship, his students were able to win more than 25 awards nationally and internationally including Miami International Fashion Week, Dubai Fashion Week and Dubai Bride Shows to name a few. This encouragement led to the formation of a brand for students called ‘Zuri Couture’ that provided them an opportunity to present their work under this banner.
He has also been involved in curriculum development and improvement during his work at Preston University – Ajman and University of Sharjah. He has also emphasized on improving industry linkages with academics and presented a paper on this topic at the annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation held in Seville, Spain in 2015.
He has been invited to speak at conferences including International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation in Spain, International Textile Fair in Dubai, Raleigh Art Institute in USA and Interiors Show – Abu Dhabi to name a few. He has also written articles for Al Tashkeel Magazine published by Sharjah Art Foundation on the topics of Fashion forecasting.

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