IFDC HQ under the leadership of Chairwoman, Alia Khan, is the main base that supports the global IFDC offices and their regional initiatives. With creativity, innovation and positivity being the staple values embraced by all IFDC global teams, a spectrum of revolutionary projects are constantly being offered worldwide by this multi-talented group.


IFDC Chairwoman, Alia Khan


 Alia Khan is the Founder and Chairwoman of Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC), an organization established for the development of the Islamic fashion and design industry worldwide. In record time, Alia has rapidly brought IFDC to being the world’s leading fashion and design (art, architecture, interiors, etc.) organization representing the Islamic economy and its stakeholders. Known as one of the leading authorities in the Islamic economy, Alia’s vision is to establish a narrative unlike any other in a creative space that most would have overlooked until long overdue global attention was brought to it, largely due to the efforts of Alia’s work through IFDC.

Raised in Canada and the USA, Alia worked on her own fashion creations with a fusion twist. Soon, she was producing unique fashion shows, events, and media programs, which led to setting up her own independent media and marketing company in Los Angeles. Winning high profile clients like Procter and Gamble and taking the lead on international projects was what led her to significant exposure.

In 2005 Alia relocated from California to Dubai to complete several projects in the GCC and MENA region before moving to Jordan to further her Islamic studies at Qasid Institute.

Upon completion, her philanthropic interest in the development of the underprivileged areas of the Muslim world became a priority. Today Alia’s charity provides solutions through the aid of top educators and experts from around the world who’ve joined in her commitment to upgrade education systems and eradicate malnutrition with an effective food program. Along the way, Alia discovered great artistic and design talent, whom she has become a promotional voice for through IFDC.

As a result of meeting top education and development experts, Alia received additional training on how to teach the art of success to the students and teachers of these villages. She has also applied these techniques in her own work, which left her convinced that she must offer this to as many people as possible. Now, with the help of scientists, researchers, and scholars Alia offers a personal development and success program through IFDC that has been deemed a ‘life changer’. She has taught this course in several places including Bradford University’s Namal College where she has been a recurring guest lecturer and counselor, WIEF Young Leaders Network, MOCAfest, KP Public Schools, and Esmod Fashion Institute, among others.

Since being back in the work scene, Alia with the support of her IFDC team, training programs, and commercial initiatives, was determined to fill the void that she’s identified in the Islamic fashion and arts sector. She has made historic deals with global retailers, fashion weeks, events, and media to open immense doors for the industry players that were only open to mainstream fashion players until now. She has spearheaded partnerships with key entities around the world to develop an unprecedented global network now well known as IFDC. This, along with the creation of IFDC’s brands like Pret-A-Cover, a new shopping category not unlike pret a porter, couture, or active wear, as well as COVER Magazine, Business of Modest Fashion and Design (BOMFD) proprietary events (most recent being the revolutionary Pret A Cover Buyers Lane), IFDC Pop-Up Design Schools, Modest Man, iDez arts and design, the Modest Channel, and more are among the many initiatives that makes Alia’s vision revolutionary for the Islamic/modest fashion and design industry. See more at www.IFDCouncil.org

Alia has had the privilege of working with experts from around the world and is a recognized industry expert and speaker and has also partnered with top business forums, conferences, and events including London School of Economics, World Economic Forum-Tokyo, Women In Leadership Summit, M Powered Summit, World Islamic Economic Forum, Turin Islamic Economic Forum, Bosphorus Summit, Dubai Shopping Festival, MOCA fellows, International Textile Fair, Dubai government’s Halal Seminar, French Fashion Institute Esmod, Global Islamic Economy Summit, Jakarta Fashion Week, Malaysia Fashion Week, Leadership Summit, Arab Luxury World, Asia Islamic Fashion Week, Torino Fashion Week, Fashion Revolution, Al Sharq Forum, The Retail Summit, among other government and private events and platforms.

She has been featured in multiple global publications including Vogue, Forbes Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Magazine, Vanity Fair, Whispers Private Members Magazine for Bentley, Financial Times, Drapers, Business of Fashion, Thomson Reuters GIES Report, EuroMonitor’s Halal Fashion and Arts booklets, CEO Magazine, Bloomberg, Start Up Magazine, Arabian Business Magazine, The National, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, CNN, BBC, Gulf News, Khaleej Times, Style.com influencer list, CBS MoneyWatch, Marie Claire, Hia, Sayidaty, Fast Money, among other leading global press. She has been featured in Christian Louboutin’s ad campaigns as a leading personality, as well as covered in academic research, papers, and books published on the Islamic economy and many more publications.

Alia Khan has been nominated business woman of the year by CEO Magazine and Entrepreneur of the Year by Gulf Business News. Is on the DXB 100 list, is listed as the top 50 Most Influential Women in the Arab World (CEO Magazine/Arabian Business), is in the most influential Muslims list published by ISFIN annually, and has recently been named in the 50 most influential women in retail by RETAIL ME..


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